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  • YYW-300S armature universal joint cardan shaft balancing machine
  • YYW-300S armature universal joint cardan shaft balancing machine

YYW-300S armature universal joint cardan shaft balancing machine


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1. Features:

General hard bearing dynamic balancing machine strictly according to GB/T 4201-2006 to produce, using roller bearing, universal joint driven, screen display structure, industrial control computer processing the data. 19 inches LCD screen display unbalance amount, phase angle and real-time rotating speed. It is widely used in paper making machine, textile machine, agriculture machine, electric motor, blower fan, etc, can measuring balance on single, double, multifaceted interface, suited for large axle, plate, center of gravity overhung rotor.

2. Main technical index

Way of driving: universal joint driven, 5.5 kw motor

Measuring system: independent developed dynamic balancing machine special measuring software.

3. YYW-300S dynamic balancing machine technical index:

1) weight of work-piece universal joint driven(kg):            10-300

2) Max diameter of work-piece universal joint driven(mm):     φ1200

3) Distance between the two bearing frame:(mm)                    60-1800

4) Max distance from universal joint interface to right swing frame center(mm)      2000

5) Journal diameter scope of work-piece(mm):     φ20-90(standard bearing roller frame

6) Min achievable residual unbalance amount(gmm/kg):    ≤1

7) Unbalance reduction ratio(%):                       ≥90

8) Rotating speed(r/min):                             200-1500

9) Motor power(kw):                                5.5

10) Drive mode:                             universal spindle coupling

11) Work environment:                  temperature: -5---45℃; humidity: 0-85%

4. Device configuration:

1)  lathe bed dimension: 3000mm lathe bed, there are two T type grooves on lathe bed for move and fasten swing frame.

2) There are two sets standard bearing frame on lathe bed

The swing frame made by QT450 cast iron, integral structure, roller bearing by cantilever, with lockable and adjustable clamp safety frame, there is piezoelectric sensor assembly behind elastic beam, used to measuring the shake of swing frame.

3) universal joint driven part:

         One head stock

         One set 5.5kw motor

         One set universal spindle coupling with graduated disc

         One set special universal joint, with safety cover

         One set reference signal sensor

4) strong current system include:

Operation control panel ahead control cabinet installed power switch, start stop knob, inside vertical industry cabinet installed strong current controlling circuit board, air switch, all above low-voltage components adopt domestic famous brands. Use Shenzhen IVNT frequency converter to realized step less speed regulation.

5) measuring system include:

One set 32 bits industrial control computer;

One set 19 inches flat panel LCD monitor;

One piece LENOVO anti-interference keyboard, one piece mouse;

One set high-end electronic control cabinet;

A set of foundation bolt, wedge iron for leveling, and tools with the machine;

A set of balancing machine software and technical manual.


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